The group honors a number of its employees

Group March 20, 2019

On the 20th of March 2019, the Group held a ceremony honoring its employees who have contributed to the development of the Group's activities over the years and decades in the presence of the Chairman of the Group Eng. Abdulmohsen bin Abdul Latif Al-Issa, Chairman and employees of the Group. The Chairman of the Group handed over commemorative shields to:
Mohammed Salah Al-Maleh after serving 28 years
Mustafa Mohammed Bayoumi Yusuf after serving 27 years
Ali Saeed Al Mashgari after serving 27 years
Adeeb Mohammed Al-Qahtani after serving 14 years
Anil Babu Konathala after serving 9 years
Mohammed Faraj Abdul Aziz after service for 7 years
Bandar Mohammed Mansour Al-Humaimidi after serving for 5 years

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